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"You will make money"

If you follow Mr. Leeb and his team's recommendations. you will make money.  It doesn't matter how much or how little you begin with.  The subscription fee is incredibly modest for the amount of usable, profitable

Peter R., ME


Tripled Her Investment!

... I joined his site and invested in a few mutual funds and stocks suggested by Dr. Leeb. Overall I am far ahead than even I expected. I bough GLD at $60 and transferred my wife's only form of retirement over to a precious metal fund and she has tripled her investment.

I rely on the Leeb's group foresight. They have a solid grip on the trends and guided me through the 08' debacle. 

I highly recommend Dr. Leebs services!

Jason Sage Fremont, California


“Advice you can take to the bank”

... "I have been following Dr. Leeb for many years and his assessments are typically right on the mark. Whether he is talking about market direction and volatility in general, or specifically what to expect regarding China or India, gold, inflation, or oil, he knows what he is talking about and you better pay attention or you will pay the price one way or another. 

... his commentary is timely and actionable ... advice you can 'take to the bank'. 

Ken Kroll, Eagle, Idaho


Research Team and Ideas “Invaluable”

I've been a subscriber for going on two years now - The research team and the ideas put forth have been invaluable to me.

As a woman who is no longer young and lost a great deal of money in the tech crash, finances are important. I particularly appreciate the email updates on crisis days, it helps me to steady myself and look at the big picture not just the short term aberration due to computerized trading or some fear factor.

I subscribe to two services and it's my avatar. Thank you Dr. Leeb

Amelie L Good, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Thrive in these turbulent times

"Back in 2007, I found Dr. Leeb's New York Times best selling book, "The Coming Economic Collapse, How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs 200$ A Barrel."

I have since been a loyal follower, bought all of his books, seen all of his videos, webinars, get all of his news letters, and I am way better off for it as a retail investor."

His analysis on Oil, Gold, commodities, China, geo politics, the economy and stocks, are the best I have seen and read." In today's uncertain world economy, getting plugged into Dr. Leeb's message should be on top of everyone's list if they want to learn how to thrive in these turbulent times."

Kevin D Stroud, Los Angeles, California


"I have secured a nice retirement"

"I first subscribed to your financial letter many years ago. I like the way it provided a clear path recommending investments I could understand and follow for a long period of time. Over time by building small positions ad adding on dips I have secured a nice retirement. If I can do it, anybody can! 

Scott B., RI