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Inflation or Deflation Ahead? Gold is Still Your Best Investment 04-21-16

Stephen Leeb
Thursday, April 21, 2016

Contrary to what you may have heard, gold performs well in both inflationary and deflationary times.

Personally, I believe we've got the potential for massive inflation in the years to come. I predict China's control and hoarding of critical resources—along with their determination to make the gold-backed yuan the global trade currency of choice—will lead to HUGE inflation in the price of commodities.

But suppose I'm wrong?

After all, the world has faced more than its share of deflationary scares during the last decade as the West has struggled to recover from the... Read more about Inflation or Deflation Ahead? Gold is Still Your Best Investment 04-21-16

How Your Financial Advisor is Killing You

Stephen Leeb
Friday, April 15, 2016

For as long as I can remember, gold has been a forbidden investment for most financial advisors.

My understanding is that Certified Financial Planners (those people who are licensed to plan your retirement and give you financial advice for various stages of your life) will likely not be admitted into the CFP club if they argue on their exams that gold and precious metals should be part of a sound asset mix.

I'd say that's a shame, but I'd be understating the truth of the situation.

If your financial advisor isn't telling you about what's really going on in the gold... Read more about How Your Financial Advisor is Killing You

China's Military Race With the U.S.

Stephen Leeb
Thursday, August 13, 2015

Much attention is being paid to the economic race between China and America. But far less has been given to a military race, probably because America’s seeming military dominance has led to widespread complacency here.

That’s a dangerous mistake. Just as the economic gap between China and the U.S. is narrowing – and according to some measures, such as purchasing power parity (PPP), already has swung in China’s favor—the military gap is rapidly narrowing as well. In fact, when it comes to China, there are no areas where we can afford to be complacent. The implications for investors... Read more about China's Military Race With the U.S.

The Impact of Going Digital

Stephen Leeb
Thursday, July 16, 2015

In the 1960s Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan issued his famous dictum “the medium is the message”, arguing that television’s rising ascendancy over radio would change the nature of, and the way people respond to, news and entertainment—what today we call “content.”  

Today we’re in the midst of a rise in another new medium, digital platforms such as streaming over the Internet that are supplementing our decades-long love affair with television. But we’d contend that, especially when it comes to entertainment, the message has remained surprisingly unaltered. It seems the... Read more about The Impact of Going Digital

How Far West is East

Stephen Leeb
Friday, July 3, 2015

The deteriorating situation in Greece raises major questions not just about its future but also about the make-up of the entire world. To us, the biggest question is: how far west is east? Throughout the entire crisis we believed that somehow Greece and the European troika would devise some sort of solution that would—while not eliminating the fateful day in which Greece says goodbye to the euro—at least postpone it until other alternatives were available, and in particular the BRICS bank, was on stronger footing. We’d still make that same bet; in other words, we’re betting that the Greeks... Read more about How Far West is East