Leeb's Growth Publications


Brain Trust Profits is a breakthrough advisory dedicated to bringing its members the top stock picks from the very best sources of Buy Side Research -- the research Hedge Fund and Mutual Fund managers, professional traders and owners of private “boutique” trading rooms depend on when they put their own money, jobs and reputations on the line.  Brain Trust Profits’ analysts closely follow the leading and most successful Buy Siders -- watching what, how much and when they’re buying and selling -- to compile an unusually powerful selection of high-potential stock recommendations for subscribers.

Aggressive Trader provides a unique advisory service that shows investors how to profit from exciting, short-term, high leverage/high-returns options trading -- even those with little or no previous experience with options. Subscribers receive regularly issued Buy and Sell Trading Alerts via email with clear, step-by-step instructions on which option to buy, at what price, and when to sell to capture fast and high-percentage profits.

Leeb's Real World InvestingReal World Investing is a trading advisory service that offers investors a roadmap to maximizing profits from the global macro-trend toward increasing resource scarcity. The focus is on commodity stocks, featuring both short- and long-term investment recommendations centered on oil, renewable energy, precious and industrial metals, and other key categories. Picks range from familiar blue chip names to small cap stocks not yet on Wall Street’s radar. Subscribers also receive email alerts and special reports containing expert commentary on relevant topics such as peak oil, fracking, resource nationalism, and the role of China and the other emerging economies in driving unprecedented demand for essential resources..

Advisory and trading service Million Dollar Portfolio offers specific buy/sell stock market recommendations (both long and short) based on signals from a proprietary, hyper-powerful quantitative model developed by Dr. Leeb in conjunction with a team of world-class mathematicians.  The service allows members to look over Dr. Leeb’s shoulder as he personally executes his own trades from a self-funded MDP account. The goal of the service is to quadruple his initial investment – and yours -- in six years using the stocks and ETFs the model identifies.